Inspiring Talk from the WIQD World: Elisa Torres Durney

All are welcome to the monthly event ‘Inspiring Talks from the WIQD World’!  where every month an inspiring  role model will talk about their journey: What did they do to get to the point where they are today? What obstacles did they encounter? What successes did they celebrate? What tips do they have for their audience? This talk’s inspirational role model is Elisa Torres Durney.
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Elisa Torres Durney, 17, is a Chilean Student and founder of the organization Girls in Quantum. She was selected to participate in the academic excellence program at Yale University and admitted as a young member of the New York Academy of Sciences in 2022. With a full scholarship from IBM, she completed the 8-month Introduction to Quantum Computing program, where she realized the great potential of this emerging technology, but also the few women and girls who are involved. That is why at the end of the program, she founded her organization “Girls in Quantum” to be able to provide educational resources on quantum computing to students from all over the world. She has also been invited to participate in international conferences organized by The Women Economic Forum, Uptown Basel, The Economist, IBM and Quantum Latino.

Girls in Quantum is a non-profit organization 501(c)(3). We provide free educational resources for girls and students around the world so they can get involved in the field of Quantum Computing. We want to bring them the opportunities they need to collaborate and, thus, make an impact by strengthening their abilities and talents. We have already done more than 150 educational posts about Quantum computing, organized online seminars with international experts, and impacted girls and students from more than 20 countries. I work with a great team of Girls in Quantum ambassadors from Europe, Africa, Asia, North America, and South America. Currently collaborating with six international technological and scientific companies: IBM, Perimeter Institute, Le Wagon, Infleqtion, Institut Quantique, and others. You can learn more about Girls in Quantum at www.girlsinquantum.com or on Instagram @girlsinquantum.

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Date: 28 September 2023

Time: 17:00-18:00

Price: FREE

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