Big Meetup: The Future Quantum Workforce

Two times a year Quantum.Amsterdam organises the Big Meetup. This time four speaker will give special attention to Quantum Education and how to build an inclusive Future Quantum Workforce. This time WIQD is part of the event to talk about inclusivity and diversity in the Quantum Workfield.

Confirmed speakers:

Subhasree Patro, Woman in Quantum Development /QuSoft
Miriam Blaauboer, Associate Professor at Delft University of Technology
Jacob Sherson, Professor at Aarhus University
Koen Groenland, Quantum Innovation Officer at QuSoft / Quantum.Amsterdam

To stay updated about this event please go to the organisers page here.

Event details

Date: 18 November 2021

Time: 15:00 - 17:00

Price: Free

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