Women in Quantum Development

WIQD (pronounced “wicked”) stands for Women in Quantum Development. We are a professional network in the Netherlands working in industry, academia and policy that envisions a quantum sector inclusive of women and nonbinary people. Our aim is to connect and retain gender minorities in quantum through support, networking, and community growth.

Currently, there is a marked lack of gender diversity in the quantum sector. With few or no women* working in this space, it is difficult for women to imagine themselves in a long-term career in quantum. Our aim is therefore to connect and retain women and other gender minorities who have or want to pursue a career working or studying in the field of quantum technologies. Although some of our programs are only open to women and other gender minorities to create a safe space, everyone is welcome to join our events and become involved in the WIQD community.

*By ‘women’ we refer to both women and other gender minorities, binary and non-binary. We interpret gender minorities in as broad as possible terms, to mean anyone who feels that their gender identity makes them a minority in the field of quantum.

Join our community on WhatsApp!

Casually connect with gender minorities in the quantum field near you and stay up to date on WIQD events by joining our WhatsApp Community!   It features a collection of opt-in group chats by location (Delft, Leiden, Amsterdam), identity (LGBTQIA+), and topic (Let’s Talk DEI in Quantum). 

A network of women in quantum

We started WIQD to address a simple problem: there are not very many women and gender minorities in the field of quantum computing. Unfortunately, we believe that this condition is somewhat self-sustaining.

With few or no women role models, it may be difficult for some women to imagine themselves in a long-term career in quantum computing.

On the flip side, a support network of women peers could have a positive impact on the retention of women in the field, but for many women from smaller groups, there are few opportunities to form such a network.

Organizing events

In order to achieve our mission, we plan to organize events multiple times per year. These events should be:

Useful: We’re all busy, so let’s take the opportunity to discuss science when we meet.

Interactive: There will always be a networking component to our events to foster new connections.

Inspiring: We will seek to organize events with people from different career stages, including as diverse as possible role models, with built-in opportunities to inspire one another.

Every month we organise an online Inspiring Talk from the WIQD World with a keynote speaker that could be a role model for our community. Also, we have in-person quarterly events such as workshops, network events, new year drinks, and more. And our yearly flagship event WIQD’s annual symposium, which you do not want to miss. It’s a day full of networking, diversity, inclusion, quantum and getting inspired by the community. If you want to join our online WIQD community please e-mail contact@wiqd.nl to request to join our Slack Channel to participate in discussions with the WIQD community.

Committees – Who we are

The WIQD steering committee consists of:

  • Julia Cramer (co-chair; Leiden University)
  • Stacey Jeffery (co-chair; CWI & QuSoft)
  • Lisa Kohl (CWI)
  • Ingrid Romijn (QuTech & Q*Bird)
  • Arghavan Safavi-Naini (University of Amsterdam)
  • Romana Schirhagl (University of Groningen)
  • Evert van Niewenburg (Leiden University)
  • Robert Baker (Potentia Talent Consulting)

The WIQD organizing committee consists of:

  • Judith Kreukels (Chair & Project Coordinator; UvA)
  • Yvonne Smit (Coordinator Communication & Impact; freelance (previously QuSoft))
  • Mathilde Lemang (Secretary; QphoX)
  • Garazi Muguruza (QuSoft / UvA)
  • Caiseal Beardow (TU Delft)
  • Alicja Dutkiewicz (Leiden University)
  • Miriam Lucio (Maastricht University)
  • Rima Schüssler (QuSoft/UvA)
  • Taryn Stefanski (TU Delft)
  • Sayr Motz (Student Assistant, TU Delft)